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Facial Icing

Facial Icing for the Ultimate Skin Glow

Mixing together the right ingredients is a must for seeing positive skin changes. With a facial ice sphere, you get all of the benefits that the cold brings to your skin as well as the wonderful ingredients that are mixed into the spheres. The cold is a natural way to de-puff your skin, especially under the eyes. Cold temperatures also tightly close pores so that your skin is smoother and has a uniform tone. There are several proprietary blends that can be used in each facial ice sphere to give your skin a number of important improvements. With your pores closed tightly and the puffiness gone, you'll see a big improvement in your skin. The other ingredients mixed into the spheres add nutrition to your skin as well as ingredients that will make it look brighter and get rid of areas of dullness.

If you're a big fan of facials, you'll love the different types of glow that facial icing will bring to your skin. Instead of concentrating much of the facial on exfoliating, the three facial icing blends work on delivering many different benefits to the skin to give you the best possible results. The proprietary powders in each blend will give you a different result based on the mixture of ingredients. The sheet face mask is worn under the facial icing treatment. This keeps your skin fresh and hydrated as the other ingredients work their way into your skin. It's a great way to harness both the power of the cold and the power of fresh, natural ingredients and all the benefits they bring to the facial skin. And, it's easy to mix and perform this unique type of facial right at home.

And, it's easy to mix and perform this unique type of facial right at home designed by Nicole, for you.

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