Gentle Exfoliating Face Mitt

Gentle Exfoliating Face Mitt


Now you can use one of Nicole Caroline's favorite physical exfoliators in your home routine.  These gentle exfoliating mitts massage skin, while stimulating blood flow, and reducing puffiness by elimination of toxins through the lypmh.   They are dual sided, for gentle, or deeper exfoliation.  Use as part two of your double cleansing method (the only way Nicole wants you cleansing) twice a week for a deep cleaning like no other.  Theses little sponges are made of patented honeycomb technology, are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and are a beautiful addition to anyones routine. (except super sensitive, or rosacea!)   She loves it so much, she also carries the full size body bath mitt, which is on a whole other level of clean.... Enjoy! 

Nicole says...

Self care is not an indulgence. Self care is