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Nicole Caroline Soft Cleansing Cloths (5 re-usable)

Nicole Caroline Soft Cleansing Cloths (5 re-usable)


A forever must-have of any esthetician, Nicole's soft cleansing cloths work to assist your favorite facial cleansers for an effective deep clean.  The essential item in any double cleansing routine, or simply after your morning water rinse.   The soft muslin texture is gentle enough for a baby's skin (They are Nicole's favorite for her son and those pesky hard to get areas) yet beloved by professionals for luxuriously massaging the face as a skin care technique.  These skin-loving cloths promote blood circulation and the skin’s natural ability to drain toxins. All while still being powerful enough to clear blemish-causing impurities, blackheads, dirt, oil, dead skin cells, leftover makeup, and cleanser residue.  Skin is left with a fresh surface for better absorption of daily and nightly skin care products.
Gently Exfoliates (yet safe for everyday use and sensitive skin of all types), tones and improves circulation.


Set of 5 Cloths


How To Use:

 Five muslin cloths should be used in rotation.  

Wash after every 1-2 uses. (every use if acne is present)  Lay flat to dry. 

Nicole says...

Self care is not an indulgence. Self care is


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