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Nicole Caroline Gentle Cleansing Mousse

Nicole Caroline Gentle Cleansing Mousse


This silky cleanser is specially designed by Nicole Caroline to be the perfect blend between a cream, and a foam cleanser.  A client favorite,  this unique cleansing mousse gently lifts away surface impurities from the pores, while keeping your skin barrier nourished and hydrated.  Created with ZERO  harsh sulfates, surfectants, or chemicals.... it is the perfect cleanser for even the most sensitive skin, alleviating redness, and calming acne breakouts.  Use on it's own, or as the perfect addition to your two step cleanse method.   (uses: Rosacea, Acne, Sensitive, Teen, Double Cleanse step 2, Safe for Everyone) 

(Special Note: It is also wonderful for men, as the foaming mousse action gets between stubble, for a gentle, yet deep cleanse.) 

Nicole says...

Self care is not an indulgence. Self care is


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