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Regenerating Eye Patches (10 treatments)

Regenerating Eye Patches (10 treatments)


Unlike most undereye patches that just provide a temporary fix, these amazing Regenerating UnderEye Patches work to actually improve the condition of the undereye skin through actual regeneration.  This 2 step cream, and patch system is only to be worn at night, for 1 hour, 2 or 3 times a week.  You then remove the patches, and leave the cream on to do it's job.  Not for sensitive eyes.  


Within 1 week, Improvement can be seen in: 

Decrease in Undereye puffiness and fluid retention.

Skin Condition Around Eyes, Line Regeneration.

Elasticity Around Eyes Line Enhancement.

Fine Wrinkle Around Eyes Line Improvement, Crows feet



  • Usage

    Not for Sensitive Skin.  Please watch instructional video coming soon in Tutorial section of website. 

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